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Cowboy Up for Organ Donation
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DCI Desert Dialysis Tucson South
1011 East Pennsylvania Street, Tucson, AZ 85714
The Event
Rodeo roudup/ carnival to promote organ donation.
Location & Address
Tucson South 1011 East Pennsylvania, Tucson, AZ
The DCI Desert Dialysis South Clinic was one of the many proud recipients of the DCI 40 Acts of Service Award. South staff wanted to raise awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease and how organ donation can help. We teamed up with the Donor Network of Arizona. We wanted to capture a piece of Old Pueblo tradition and take advantage of the crowd surrounding the Tucson Rodeo Parade. We named the event “Cowboy Up for Organ Donation” to honor the Tucson tradition. The biggest challenge we faced was a fast approaching deadline, February 24th was 4 weeks away. Our team of “Cowboys” decided to create a Kids Carnival. We had Calf Roping booth, Toilet Paper Toss, Booger Picking Booth, Bean Bag Toss, Water Balloon Toss, Fishing Booth, and a Kidney Shaped Pinata. All of the Carnival Booths were constructed by the South staff using cardboard boxes from our recycling. Jorge Rivera a heart and kidney transplant recipient and former DCI patient was here from Donor Network of Arizona. George Hernandez a kidney and pancreas transplant recipient and former DCI patient was our DJ for the event. We sold carnival tickets 4 for $1.00 and raised $260.00 for our kids to go to Camp Okawehna. The best news, 3 people signed up as donors at the event. Special thanks to Liz Williams, Charge Nurse extraordinaire her dedication and enthusiasm helped to make it a very special event. The teamwork and camaraderie produced by the South Staff to put on this event was incredible. I want to thank all of you for your dedication and compassion to our patients and to DCI. The South staff is a true example of the DCI mission statement, “We Are a Service Organization. The Care of the Patient is Our Reason for Existence”.
Date & Time
February 24, 2011, 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
For More Information
Liz Williams (520) 806-0007

Full details and program guidelines are posted on www.dciinc.org and the DCI intranet. Acts of Service must be coordinated by DCI employees. All DCI employees are welcome to participate. * Award money received from winning the online competition for "Best Act of Service" is to be used for DCI clinic educational purposes. For example: Paying for staff education courses, funding Pre-ESRD courses, or to purchase educational items to be used in the clinic.

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