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The DCI-Zipa-Dee-Doo-Dahs
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DCI-North Columbus
2424-B Warm Springs Road
The Event
A charity dinner and silent auction to establish the Black-Lockett-Scarbrough Fund; an annual patient fund benefiting dialysis patients in the community.
Location & Address
Green Island Hills Country Club 6501 Standing Boy Road Columbus, GA 31904
The Zippa De Doo Dahs (ZDDD) wanted to perform an act of service which would not be just a reason to enter a contest. We wanted to perform a service which would make DCI better known in the community, a service which would be around for years to come and a service which best represented DCI’s mission statement “…the patient is the reason for our existence”. We had an idea and that idea became a reality on July 16, 2011. The Black-Lockett-Scarbrough fund was established to meet the needs of dialysis patients in our community. Named in memory of three dialysis nurses, the Black-Lockett-Scarbrough fund is affiliated with the National Kidney Foundation serving Georgia and Alabama. Through this affiliation, donors can take advantage of the non-profit status of NKF and their contributions are tax deductable. NKF manages the fund and issues checks directly to the providers of services. This is a pilot program with the NKF and if successful, it may be the first of many similar programs across the country. A local social worker committee comprised of social workers from DCI, Davita and Fresenius will accept applications and screen them for approval. Dialysis patients from all clinics in the area are eligible to benefit from this fund provided they meet the financial eligibility as outlined in the fund guidelines. The fund will be officially available for accepting applications January 1, 2012. The ZDDD act of service was to hold a charity dinner and silent auction to raise the seed money for the fund. Local merchants were contacted for donations and the response was tremendous. Very few businesses turned us down. We were able to gather over 50 items for our auction all of which were donated from either businesses or individuals. Donated items ranged from home-made goodie basket to a one week stay in a luxury condo in Orlando, FL. We had college themed baskets with autographed items from the University of Georgia and Auburn University, art work, pottery, jewelry, gift certificates from local spas, even an antique, cast iron, coal burning stove. The silent auction was held from six o’clock until seven thirty and we raised around $5000.00. Planning for the dinner started back in January. We anticipated attendance at 150 but were surprised with a turn out of 172! The dinner was held at a local exclusive venue, The Green Island Hills Country Club. Once everyone had the opportunity to bid on the items in the silent auction, an invocation was offered by Dr. Tamorie Smith, a Nephrologist with Davita. Guests dinned on blackened tilapia with creole sauce, sliced New York strip in au jous, variety of salads, grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, tea and coffee. A beautiful array of desserts was prepared courtesy of Lori White, our medical director’s wife and Becky Robinson, nurse manager of our North Columbus Clinic. There were many compliments on the quality and quantity of the food. During the dinner, our medical director, Dr. David White gave a presentation on the history of dialysis in Columbus, Georgia titled “Bladders, Bullets and Washing Machines”. During his presentation he described how dialysis developed as a treatment for ESRD. He prefaced his presentation with descriptions of the 40 Acts of Service project and recognized each of the ZDDD members. His presentation also contained a description of the three nurses the fund is named for and their contributions to the local dialysis community. Dr. White was so moved by the efforts of the ZDDD team in this endeavor, he surprised every one with the announcement he had persuaded DCI corporate to match any funds raised by the ZDDD up to $10,000.00! He went on to challenge the medical directors from Davita and Fresenius to do likewise and gain matching funds from their respective corporate leadership. Dr. White introduced Dr. Bruce Carr who along with DCI established the first outpatient dialysis clinic in Columbus, Georgia at 710 Front Avenue. An old furniture warehouse was remodeled to become the first DCI in this area back in 1982. As a total surprise, Dr. White presented Dr. Carr with a plaque recognizing his contributions to the local dialysis community. A standing ovation by the entire room was the response to this final surprise of the evening. Notable attendees included former DCI employees, nephrology medical directors from Davita and Fresenius. Tables were purchased by nephrology practices, the local Davita clinics and the local Fresenius clinic. St. Francis Hospital bought two tables. Every Nephrologist in town supported the event either by attending or donating money or items for the silent auction. Davita and Fresenius nurse managers and administrators were there in support of the fund. This dinner was a “coming together” of the nephrology community unlike anything that has ever happened. As the Senior Vice President for clinical services at St. Francis Hospital, Debbie Saylor said, “This is a good project; it benefits patients, it honors nurses, I am all in”. The family members of Kaye Black, Jerry Lockett and Chuck Scarbrough were guests of honor. Each family had a table at the front of the room. All three families came up to us afterward thanking us for honoring their loved one. In addition, each family pledged continued support of the fund and asked to be included in further fund raising efforts. In the final analysis, with the help of the $5000.00 award from DCI we were able to raise $16,597.83 through dinner ticket sales, the silent auction and donations. With the matching $10,000.00 from DCI the ZDDD team will be able to send $26,597.83 to the National Kidney Foundation serving Georgia and Alabama for the establishment of the Black-Lockett-Scarbrough Patient Fund. Our act of service is something we will never forget. The Black-Lockett-Scarbrough Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction was well worth the time and effort involved to pull it off. Knowing that our efforts have resulted in something which will benefit our patients for years to come is very gratifying. Having the support of the entire nephrology community gave us enthusiasm and reminded us that this was a good thing we were doing. The teamwork and camaraderie we shared will be long remembered. In the end, the members of the ZDDD were the beneficiaries of this act of service. The priceless attributes which come from serving others are our reward. The love, support, encouragement, gratitude and recognition were benefits we did not anticipate. In our giving to others, we gained more than we gave which, as we have learned, is the nature of service to others. JOIN US for OUR 2012 EVENT!
Date & Time
Saturday, July 28,2012 Silent Auction 6:00 pm, Dinner 7:00 pm
For More Information
Cindy Murphy 706-323-2415

Full details and program guidelines are posted on www.dciinc.org and the DCI intranet. Acts of Service must be coordinated by DCI employees. All DCI employees are welcome to participate. * Award money received from winning the online competition for "Best Act of Service" is to be used for DCI clinic educational purposes. For example: Paying for staff education courses, funding Pre-ESRD courses, or to purchase educational items to be used in the clinic.

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