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Elko H.O.P.E.
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DCI Elko
1995 Errecart Blvd, Elko, NV 89801
The Event
Health Fair with a Follow up Talk with a Nephrologist
Location & Address
Elko Convention Center and Northern Nevada Hospital, 1995 Errecart Blvd, Elko, NV 89801
Elko H.O.P.E participated in the Elko County Health and Wellness Fair that more than 2300 people visited throughout the day. We wanted to focus on letting the people in the community understand the importance of knowing their numbers…..blood sugar and blood pressure. We also expressed the significance weight has on one’s health. We drew people to our booth by asking them if they knew their numbers. We then took blood pressures, figured out their B.M.I, and told them how they could find out their blood sugar number. We were surprised a few times with some ‘out of this world’ blood pressure readings which led to the discussion of the importance of taking medications as prescribed. We had the opportunity to discuss nutrition and emphasize to those who had a high BMI the impact of food choices. We made dialysis real to an otherwise unsuspecting community. Many of our visitors did not know there was a clinic in Elko and some did not even know what dialysis was. Hopefully we helped some people with our presence at this year’s health fair. We had diabetes and high blood pressure educational handouts at our booth. We also recorded the blood pressure readings on an educational card that explained the risks of high blood pressure and gave that to the person as a reminder. We gave away pill boxes and pens in hopes of increasing awareness of DCI in the community. We also gave away a wrist blood pressure cuff and a blood glucose monitor in two separate raffles. Alice and Theresa took blood pressure measurements for people as Sue and DeDee gave out educational information on transplant and risk factors for end stage renal disease. We also invited everyone to a follow up educational evening with a nephrologist. The follow up gathering was well attended by our diabetic and medical community. Our speaker was one of our nephrologists, Dr. Sullivan, who gave a brief, informative presentation followed by a round table discussion. The round table provided a relaxed learning environment where questions were asked and answered for over an hour. We believe everyone walked away with a little more knowledge. At the end, participants were asking when the next meeting would be. We look forward to doing it again.
Date & Time
March 12, 2011, All Day and May 9, 2011, 7:30 PM
For More Information
Theresa or Dedee

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