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Prevention Pack
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DCI Shreveport
1322 Kings Hwy
The Event
Mission: Prevention - a community service project with Woodlawn High School.
Location & Address
Woodlawn High School, 7340 Wyngate Blvd., Shreveport, LA
We partnered with Woodlawn Leadership Academy and their health program, local nephrologists, LSU-Health Science Center, Lamb Advertising, Louisiana Tech University, and our local ANNA Chapter. We presented education to the students on preventing hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and ultimately kidney disease. Our three day event included classroom presentations involving doctors, nurses, and dietitians. The last day we will had a big "celebration" in the gym and outdoor area with music, snacks, contests, prizes, etc. Constance Thomas, Administrator for the DCI clinics in Shreveport, La. states, “DCI mission is that we are a service organization and the care of our patients is our reason for existence”. Joellen Ford, Dietitian and Team Leader along with the staff of DCI, Physicians Randall White and Kenneth Abreo, Medical Directors for DCI, other physicians and volunteers brought the company’s mission to life at Woodlawn Leadership Academy. DCI theme for the community service project was “Mission Prevention”. Constance Thomas states, “Education equals Prevention and our goal is to educate these students and their families in hopes of preventing them from being on dialysis”. DCI developed and presented an educational program that addressed normal kidney function, and prevention of hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease with the 493 cadets in the school’s ROTC classes for 3 days in early May. Roll plays, interactive classroom presentations, dialysis machine demonstrations all were designed to engage students in the content material. Dr. Randall White performed a skit in each classroom using four of the WLA students as medical students. Neverlyn Sumers (DCI staff RN) played the part of a non-compliant patient and Nurse Manager Mary Vergo also participated in the skit. The skit was done in effort to get the students involved to educate them on the importance of prevention. There was also a dialysis machine set up and demonstrations done by Nurse Managers, James Harter and Jack Jinks. Other participants included: Beverly Caldwell, RD, Tejuana Garner, SW, Kay Ceasar, SW, Cindy Anderson, DCI Staff, Janet Partin, DCI Nurse, Dr. Habib (LSU), Chris Caskey, DCI Nurse, 7 Dietetic Interns from La Tech University, Dr. Ramani (LSU), Kathy Ballard, NP (LSU and ANNA), Mary Michael Bogues, RN (ANNA), Peggy Raish, NP (Woodlawn Heath program) On the 3rd day at the campus health center, Dr. Habib, a DCI pediatric nephrologist, convened a special educational session with WLA students already diagnosed with hypertension and their parents. Each student was given a gift of a personal blood pressure cuff for use at home for participating in the special session. As a culmination of the week’s activities, DCI, Inc. brought the local band Windstorm to the Woodlawn quad to play Friday afternoon. Music filled the air while students enjoyed gifts of healthy snacks and a personal water bottle, dancing, and an opportunity to participate in a 3 point basketball shoot-out in the gym. Reginald Harper, a 1990 Woodlawn high School graduate, former DCI patient, and keyboard performer with Windstorm addressed the students about his own kidney disease, transplant and the importance of following through on the education they had received throughout the week. One week later, Dr. Habib, Constance Thomas, and Joellen Ford went back to the school for a follow up session with 6 students. Each student provided feedback on what they learned and what they liked about the program. Local TV station (KTBS) was on hand to document this session for a health related spot on the 6 o’clock news. Overall, the program was a big success. We are already planning on providing another program next school year and it has also opened up some other community opportunities including the Volunteers of America and a Back to School Health Fair in August. Below are some of the comments that we received from the school. • Comments from the ROTC instructors: • Presentation was excellent and relevant to the nutrition issues facing today’s children. • The entire program fits in with Michele Obama’s initiative for healthier lifestyle for children. • Informative, we instructors learned important facts that affect our health as well. • We want them back as JROTC teaches the health curriculum for WLA. This adds relevance to our instruction!
Date & Time
May 4-6, 2011
For More Information
Joellen Ford, DCI Shreveport – 318-226-1020

Full details and program guidelines are posted on www.dciinc.org and the DCI intranet. Acts of Service must be coordinated by DCI employees. All DCI employees are welcome to participate. * Award money received from winning the online competition for "Best Act of Service" is to be used for DCI clinic educational purposes. For example: Paying for staff education courses, funding Pre-ESRD courses, or to purchase educational items to be used in the clinic.

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