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Capital Empowerment
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Jefferson City West/East
144 Scotts Station Rd., Jefferson City, MO 65109
The Event
Empowerment through education. Partnership with Lincoln University student affairs for free health screening and lunch.
Location & Address
Lincoln University, 820 Chestnut St., Jefferson City, MO 65102
When our company challanged us with 40 acts of kindness, we knew we wanted in right away. What a great idea to get involved with our community. The big question was “what should we do?” Barb Cremer came up with the bright idea of doing a health screening at Lincoln University. The school was founded in 1866 by members of the 62nd and 65th United States Colored Infantry under the name Lincoln Institute. They wanted to provide an education to African Americans through the combination of academics and labor. This was an industrial school modeled along the lines of Booker T. Washington's influential Tuskegee Institute. Under the Morrill Act of 1890, the school was designated as a land-grant university. By 1921, the college had expanded to offer graduate programs and at this point was officially designated a university by the state of Missouri. The school then changed its name to "Lincoln University of Missouri." In 1954, it opened its doors to applicants of all races. (wikepedia) We felt this seemed like a great place to put our efforts due to the fact that the Black population is such a high risk group for Kidney Disease. Our event took place on April 28, 2011. We offered BMI, blood pressure, and blood sugar screenings. We also had literature on organ donation and a table where people could sign up to be an organ donor. We were very pleased with the participation of the students and staff at Lincoln. Our team performed over 150 glucose checks, and significantly more blood pressure screenings. Many people did not like the idea of having their finger stuck, and this accounts for the difference between the blood pressure and glucose numbers. We also had about 50 people sign up to become and organ donor, or update their organ donation status. This was at great experince for us. Even though we were giving our time and services, we feel we actually were getting more back. The statisfaction of being helpful and appreciated was very rewarding. Lincoln sent us a very nice thank you note. They also said the students spent the rest of the day talking about their health screaning results.
Date & Time
April 28, 2011, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
For More Information
Tracey Vandelicht or Barb Cremer at 573-893-5220

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