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The Kidney Pie Players
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Manchester Dialysis Clinic
319 Main Street, Manchester, CT 06040
The Event
An Enchanting Spectacular Renaissance Dinner and Health Faire
Location & Address
Cheney Hall, 177 Hartford Rd, Manchester, CT 06040
On July 9, 2011, we held our 40 Acts of Service Community Service event: A Renaissance dinner and health faire. We met at Cheney Hall in Manchester CT. Built in 1866, this location was not only chosen because it was handicap accessible and air conditioned, but also the architecture of the building has renaissance and medieval characteristics which fit perfectly into our themed event. The event started on the first floor with a Health Faire with booths relating to ESRD pre testing and awareness, and diet. The Faire ran for about an hour. Staff and their family dressed in their renaissance costumes and operated these booths which they also decorated. The Grub Hub, operated by our Dietitian Joan, offered games which included: Guess the Sodium Content and Guess the Fresh Herbs Scent. Herb inspired recipes and dialysis related dietary literature was also offered. The Piggly Wiggly, operated by our Nurse Manager Gina and our Educator Asha, offered leg and foot massages and foot diabetic checks. The Queen of Hearts (Smart) and Blood Pressures operated by our staff nurse Ruth, checked blood pressures, demonstrated fluid amounts and offered literature. The Stab and Jab operated by our Nurse Manager Jennifer with the assistance of her daughter and the daughter of Jim our Administrator, .checked glucoses levels. After the faire, everyone went upstairs, to the Hall, for the Renaissance Dinner and show. The Hall was decorated by Shannon our Social Worker and Tammy our Secretary, with a medieval theme with one large head table for the King and Queen and twelve long tables for their “guests”. The dinner was a seven course catered feast. Each course was presented by staff in a procession accompanied by a musical introduction. The first course was a crudités followed by fruit, salad, penne pasta with garlic and broccoli, baked chicken and corn on the cob, pineapple stuffed meatballs in a sweet and sour sauce and finally assorted deserts. Our dietitians ensured that it was not only very tasty but more importantly ESRD friendly. In-between each course, as our guests ate, there was entertainment that included skits, music, song and dance. The dinner started off with a prayer from our Monk, Jim our Administrator,“ God is Great, God is Good, Bless this Food” (rhymed food with good) . Then the King found out someone called his wife, “The Queen”, a wench. The Queen asked for mercy of the poor man, which the King granted, although some in the crowd were calling for a different outcome as “off with their head” was shouted from the back. There were even “Trial and Punishments”. Our Sheriff asked if there were any concerns that needed to be brought before the court. The first accusation was of one taking a large “Leak” (a vegetable leek was held up) in the kitchen, but as the trial continued, it was discovered that only a wee “pea” (a pea pod was then held up) had been taken. The next accusation was of one “picking their seat”. You can imagine the puns for this skit. Both crimes resulted with different punishments. The accused “leak taker” had to perform the leaky dance and the “seat picker” had to wear a toilet seat back to his seat so that he would never have to “pick his seat” again. Encouraged to participate, our guests were shown that exercise is not only fun but can be easy as well, even if just from your chairs as they clapped and sang along to Wild Rover and Merry, Merry Down. Towards the end of the evening, almost everyone stood and formed a circle by holding hands and we were all taught the Serpentine dance. Another highlight of the event was the team work after all our guests left. Clean up started and everyone who was mentioned above plus Mike our Chief Tech, Krystal our Secretary and Lori our Social Worker along with the spouses of Tammy, Jim and Shannon and the children of Mike, Jen, Jim , Joan and Gina all helped with the clean up effort. Their children also received community service hours and a certificate for their participation. The event was very successful as it focused on the well being of our ESRD population, giving them an enjoyable evening out, while being taught in ways they never would have been able to otherwise. The interaction with staff, patients and their families was an added benefit, not only for our guests, but for us as well. The event left those that attended with memories they are still talking about and for those who missed it, asking when the next one will be.
Date & Time
July 9, 2011, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
For More Information
Tammy Kelly 860-432-9499

Full details and program guidelines are posted on www.dciinc.org and the DCI intranet. Acts of Service must be coordinated by DCI employees. All DCI employees are welcome to participate. * Award money received from winning the online competition for "Best Act of Service" is to be used for DCI clinic educational purposes. For example: Paying for staff education courses, funding Pre-ESRD courses, or to purchase educational items to be used in the clinic.

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